Website Design

We design websites for attorneys in solo practice and law firms of all sizes. Built to be elegant and fully responsive, your legal website will present beautifully on any device and attract potential clients.

Online Marketing

Building a website is only part of the process. The true goal is to drive traffic and potential clients to your site. We achieve this through our intensive knowledge of online marketing and SEO for law firms.

Great Content

It's important to fill an incredible web design with great content. A website that is continually updated with new content performs better than stagnant sites. This customized content also drives targeted traffic.

Web Design for Law Firms

  • Elegant Web Design and Development
  • Professional Company Branding and Logo Design
  • Law Firm Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Develop Optimal Local Search Placement

Attorney Website Design

Web Design and Development for Solo Lawyers and Law Firms

We build legal websites that are elegant, comprehensive, responsive, and most importantly, affordable.

  • Attract new clients from your area who need your law services
  • Enjoy quick profit expansion from our affordable web design services that will grow your client base
  • Rank well organically in search engines, enabling you to reduce your spending on paid advertising

Why Have a Website for your Law Firm?

Simply put, nowadays most people search for attorneys online. Recent estimates have put this at over 75% of people searching for an attorney. This is a staggering majority. If you do not have a website for your solo practice or law firm, then you are missing out on an incredible amount of potential clients.

Attorneys Near Me Web Search

Attract Potential Clients with a Professional Law Firm Website

Invest in your future. Grow and scale your firm with a professional website, regardless of its size.

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Whether you're a solo law practice, a small law firm, a mid-sized law firm, or a large-sized law firm, we can design and develop a legal website that will work for your business, projecting a professional image and delivering new clients.

We don't just build websites and then dump them off -- this would be irresponsible on our part and wasteful for you, as a successful website is a process. It requires a constant watch and continual tweaking.

Website optimization requires a keen attention to detail, keeping the underlying code as clean as possible and the user experience streamlined, actively posting new content, as well as developing a solid off-site presence. It's important to continually add amazing content, such as informative articles like this one on nootropics, and incredibly useful tools like this weight loss calculator. Articles on topics relevant to your niche, like this one on the best place to buy kratom online, or an article like the Meanings of Dreams: Interpretations and Analysis will help attract visitors interested in your services or products. When optimizing your website we focus on continually improving your website to drive increasing traffic to the site and convert website visitors into paying clients for you.

At Gamestrong, We Are Optimizers

Your legal website will be best optimized to attract website visitors and convert them into clients.

There are many web design companies out there. What sets us apart is our in-depth knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO) and conversion optimization. Both include elements of art and science. A website is an island without good SEO. Website SEO is imperative for ranking well in search engines. Conversion optimization uses behavioral psychology and relentless testing and experimentation to discover what converts best.

Bottom line: SEO gets people to your website, while conversion optimization turns them into paying clients for you.

SEO for Law Firms Website Impressions Improvement

The steady improvement of a client's website in one month after continual SEO and website improvement.

SEO for Law Firms

Just having a website built isn't enough anymore. In order for people to be able to find you online, your website must be search engine optimized. We are experts at search engine optimization for attorneys and getting legal websites to rank well in search engines.

In addition to this, our search engine optimization expertise can eliminate your unnecessary and exorbitant paid advertising costs. Attorney paid advertising ranks with the highest costs anywhere. Law firms and attorneys often must pay ridiculously high prices for paid advertising placement, in the form of price-per-click (PPC) ads and other ad placements. For example, bankruptcy attorneys in particular usually must pay over $45 per click to their websites. This is insane. Even at one click per day, this amounts to over $1,350 per month in paid advertising costs.

Website SEO Stats

There's a better way:

It's called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It means optimizing your legal website with search engines in mind, meaning we optimize your website's on-page and off-site SEO factors to make it rank more highly in search results naturally -- which basically amounts to free advertising for you. Pretty great, right?

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Case Study: Attorney Web Design & SEO

For the Bowser Law Attorney Network, after designing and developing the website and months of SEO efforts, the website ranks on the first page of search results for several bankruptcy terms.

The website averages nearly 100 visitors per month inquiring about bankruptcy, which at a value of $40 per click, equates to an advertising budget of $4,000 per month -- all for free simply because the website has been search engine optimized. This is an incredible advantage for any business.

A law firm's best business advantage is having a strong web presence, and this depends heavily on search engine optimization.

Paid Search Advertising for attorneys can be ridiculously expensive. Eliminate this cost with a website that is optimized for search engines.

Recent Clients: Law Firm Web Design, Development, & SEO

Bankruptcy Attorney Database and Personal Injury Lawyers Database

Web design and development services, ongoing SEO. Simple and clean design, focused on conversion optimization -- driving people to websites and converting them to fill out the contact forms.

Bow Law Attorney Network:

Website design and development. Long-standing SEO plan and execution, with a focus on outstanding local search rankings to draw potential clients from within practice locations.

Absolute Bankruptcy Solutions:

Attorney web design and development. Simple, attractive design with a dedication toward an informative website with an active blog and great relevant content in the form of helpful articles.