Search Engine Optimization for Law Firms

Law firm SEO is crucial in today's business environment. Having a website is only half the battle. Let's visualize it: In a website's basic form, it's an island. To help people reach this island, you must build modes of transportation. The best transportation available is Search Engine Optimization, which means to optimize the factors that influence how search engines rank the website.

Good search engine optimization for your website is imperative to succeed online today in all areas of business. Gamestrong has used these techniques countless times to help law firm websites rank better in search.

Search Engine Optimization for Attorneys
On-Page Optimization

Before other SEO methods can be beneficial, your website's pages must be fully optimized. This means making sure that keyword usage is optimized with descriptive headings and proper inner-page anchor text, and that you have an SEO-friendly site structure, optimal page speed, and relevant content.

Off-Page SEO

An online presence means having more than just a functioning website. It is about how the Internet interacts with your website. Your web presence depends on off-page optimization, such as brand metrics and, most importantly, your link profile: quantity/quality of links, trust flow, domain authority, etc.

Social Media

Good SEO practices are constantly evolving. In just the last couple years, the age of social metrics have arrived. Now the quality and quantity of tweets/retweets, Facebook shares, and Google +1s, among other social indicators, are important ranking factors that will help your website perform better in search.

"There is a significant competitive advantage for firms that deploy a website as a component of their prospect generation, marketing, and client service efforts. A website, and it's associated marketing and SEO, is not an expense, it is an investment in yourself."


Law Firm SEO Helps People Find You Online

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of analyzing and adapting a website to perform better (rank higher) in a search engine's organic (free) listings.

Search engines, particularly Google and Bing, deliver over 75% of all web traffic. Good SEO puts your website at the top of search engines, helping people in need of your services find you first.

Law Firm Search Engine Analytics

"Gamestrong has been able to help us grow our organic traffic and subscriber base by getting our website top national rankings for several very competitive keywords."

Robert Stevens
Co-founder, Bond Prophet, LLC

Steady Traffic Growth from Consistently Smart SEO

A good SEO strategy is a long-term strategy. It's not interested in short-term bursts of traffic, but instead focuses on smart tactics that will make your website relevant and authoritative, and provide you with steadily improving growth and sustainable value.

SEO Progress

If you want your law firm's website to rank higher in search engines, reach more potential clients, and skyrocket your revenue, then put us to work for you today.